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Bambi Weavil leads companies and non-profits to forge and implement strategic communications and growth in cause-related and social media marketing campaigns by advising, developing, implementing and leading winning marketing strategies in fast-paced environments. Her particular focus are companies and non-profits that rely on the Internet as a key marketing and sales channels. Her industry expertise and passion includes social media, cause-related marketing, sports entertainment marketing and media relations. Her efforts have resulted in transforming brands, events and marketing   campaigns into increased awareness, visibility, brand recognition and sales.  Bambi brings 10+ years of diverse marketing/social media, event production, PR  and business leadership experience with a all-hands-on-deck startup mentality with a positive attitude to all her marketing, social media and web design projects. Read More ...


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Marketing / Business Coaching & Mastermind Groups

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Website Evaluation Services

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Social Media & Marketing Evaluation


5 Contents Your Website Should HaveApril 1, 2016

Your web content is one of the reasons why people come and stay on your web pages. Designs and site architecture are a plus, and they make a good impression on your visitors, but when your website can’t provide the content that people look for in a web page, they will leave. Online users need a reason to keep coming back to your website that is why it is essential that your web contents have the qualities of enticing your visitors to return to the site again and again.Read More ...

The Importance of Updating Your Website DesignMarch 25, 2016

A website is your window to the internet world. When you own a website, you would certainly want to gain an audience and visitors to promote it to the online world. Now how will you gather them when the website you own does not function or is not effective to them?Read More ...

Top 4 Internet Marketing Tips That WorksMarch 18, 2016

While few small businesses will grow over time, others will remain just as they are, and others might lose to the competition for good. A study shows a significant percentage of all businesses, including online businesses, fails every year. To prevent this from happening to your company, here are some tips to succeed in internet marketing.Read More ...


April Hunter

Owner, April Hunter, Inc.

I hired Bambi Weavil on the recommendation of a friend and wasn't disappointed. I was looking for help in managing my website and expanding my name and brand. She is an absolute miracle worker with social networking and SEO! She got me out there much more, increased my audience, taught me how to expand even further and was there for help day AND night. Read More ...

Randy Jones

(the Original Village People Cowboy)

It was a pleasure working with Bambi on two Out Impact cruise events in the Wilmington, NC area for her non-profit organization! I was impressed with her professionalism as an well-organized and thoughtful event producer and non-profit leader. She was able to raise money for various non-profit organizations including YouthAIDS and CUE Center for Missing Persons,Read More ...

Cynthia Frawley

Past On-air Producer, Sirius Satellite Radio, worked with Bambi at Curve Magazine and Out Impact, Inc.

Creativity, Drive and RESULTS! Bambi is passionate about the world around her as well as the issues that affect the core of equality and fairness for all. She is witty, she is driven and her unfailing ability to focus on the positive is something that draws in everyone around her.

Melissa Steckbauer

Writer, Freelancer, reported to Bambi at Out Impact in New York City

Bambi is warm, wonderful, and a GO GETTER. She is one to watch.

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social media – Bambi Weavil http://bambiweavil.com Marketing and Social Media Strategist Fri, 06 Oct 2017 23:28:08 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.4 The Importance of Updating Your Website Design http://bambiweavil.com/the-importance-of-updating-your-website-design/ http://bambiweavil.com/the-importance-of-updating-your-website-design/#respond Fri, 25 Mar 2016 14:21:25 +0000 http://bambiweavil.com/?p=424 A website is your window to the internet world. When you own a website, you would certainly want to gain an audience and visitors to promote it to the online world. Now how will you gather them when the website you own does not function or is not effective to them?

The online world has become an important means for providing assistance and information regarding purchasing products, looking for information and services like booking travel The trends in creating a website change quickly, and it evolves as the time goes by. When your site worked well in 2010, it does not mean that it will still work in 2016.

According to a recent study, 75% of users make judgments about the company’s credibility based on the design of a website. A well-designed website can be a manifestation of more reliable information for the user. A well-crafted design on your site will make it look more inviting when incorporated. Just make sure you don’t over-do it so as not to irritate the eyes of your audience. These days people are up into an easy exploration throughout the website so it is helpful if you give your visitors comfortable and clean designs.

How to manage a website must also be considered regarding the upgrades and content updates. It must have up-to-date materials and relevant information to function well. Professional web designers can work on various techniques and methods for web design updates to make it more creative and attract more visitors. It is also important to have a mobile-optimized website as well.

An outdated information and broken links are signs of a website that is not properly maintained. Frequent updates do not necessarily mean that you add or change what you posted originally. Adding blogs, articles and images are appropriate updates as an upgrade for your website to get noticed. This is also great for search engine optimization which is important for your website outreach. People who surf the internet say that good and credible information must be present for them to trust the website.

The importance of updating your website design is to maintain fresh content regarding what you are promoting. Your customers and visitors would love to see an update on the products and services they want from your website. The more information you give to your prospective clients, the more likely they would visit your website to check for something new. And if a visitor finds out that the latest website update was from 2010, they would surely not order anything from it.

Think about your own online activity and how you decide where to purchase products online and research you do for your local purchases for products and services. Presentation is important as well as the content of the website to potential customers. Finally, don’t forget to make your website social media sharing friendly, so it can be easily shared on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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The Benefits of Creating a LinkedIn Profile http://bambiweavil.com/the-benefits-of-creating-a-linkedin-profile/ http://bambiweavil.com/the-benefits-of-creating-a-linkedin-profile/#respond Thu, 10 Mar 2016 15:29:06 +0000 http://bambiweavil.com/?p=409 You can be part of a pool of professionals and business associates in joining the over 414 million network members of LinkedIn. From that point, there are other beneficial facts you can gain as you create your LinkedIn profile. 

  • As you create a LinkedIn account, you are already creating a good first impression.

Today’s trends push people to innovate and be always up to changes and challenges. By creating a LinkedIn profile, you are telling your future employers and business associates that you are a well-rounded, capable and able to adopt what is new and valuable.

  • When you join LinkedIn today, you are providing the chance to be found by your future employers effectively.

Many, if not all of the companies nowadays have social accounts, and are socially networked. Like most buyers, employers search reviews and references about a particular prospect hire before they will contact you.

  • As you set up a LinkedIn account, you are widening your network.

There are wide variations and benefits you can acquire from creating a LinkedIn profile. You can be involved in forums and join professional groups to share ideas. It can get you ahead of your competitors concerning obtaining the latest news and updates in regards to business and company vacancies.  If you are a small business owner, it is a great chance to network and grow your peer group.

However, it is not enough to just create a LinkedIn profile and leave it there. You have to work on your profile and develop it to attract visitors and contacts. Optimize your profile in accordance to your niche to attract who you would like to network with.  Have a professional photo as your profile picture. Your photo is one of the first things a visitor notices in your profile, aside from your headline.  Don’t forget to fill out as much of the profile as you can to take full advantage for search engine optimization.

The best LinkedIn profiles should be competent with the associated details. If you have a LinkedIn profile, do not waste it, but instead, expend whatever you can benefit out of it. Prepare your profile and utilize everything that LinkedIn has to offer.

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The 5 Must-Haves To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile http://bambiweavil.com/the-5-must-haves-to-optimize-your-linkedin-profile/ http://bambiweavil.com/the-5-must-haves-to-optimize-your-linkedin-profile/#respond Wed, 24 Feb 2016 10:41:55 +0000 http://bambiweavil.com/?p=392 LinkedIn is one of the oldest and most valuable social networks having over 414 million members in the 4th quarter of 2015. LinkedIn as a business-oriented social networking site serves as a resume holder connecting people to the business world. It is one of the best places that provide B2B leads and opportunities. It is important that you must take the time to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Here are things that you must have to optimize your LinkedIn Profile:

1. Customize your LinkedIn URL – Instead of having your profile’s URL in a series of numbers customize it to fit in your name or your identity. This way you will give a much positive impression and solidify your name for your visitors. LinkedIn also has a function tabs for profile customization where you can control how you appear when people search for you.

2. Upload a Professional Photo – One of the first things people recognize when it comes to networking sites is your photo. It is important you portray a professional image towards your visitors.

3. Optimize Your Headlines – Some mistakes used by many LinkedIn users is using a job title as their headline. Instead, you must use an optimized keyword string of your particular niche, industry or specialty. This technique is preferred because LinkedIn enables the use of keywords and geo-targeting capability in searching contacts and potential vendors. Remember that your headline can significantly help you show up in the first search engine results page of your niche.

Here are some example profiles that do this effectively:

4. Optimize Your Profile – Your profile will tell more about yourself and your capability regarding work and business. LinkedIn allows you to do and present yourself well as it now showcases videos, SlideShare presentations, and other supporting documents. You can also add your professional achievements such as awards, projects, certifications and more. Note that you should use valuable keywords strings that best represent you skills’ niche. You can also add your involvement in the non-profit community as well for a more well-rounded profile.

5. Update Regularly – After preparing a well-organized and optimized profile, you should update LinkedIn on a regular basis. Engage in discussions, accept and add contacts that are beneficial to your goals, and make your profile alive. You can also join LinkedIn groups and respond to updates posted in your network.

Contribute regular posts on LinkedIn will also help you be viewed as an expert in your field. This will tell your prospective clients or contacts that you are a credible individual or company. Conversations are very vital to your success where you are creating engagement about subjects that matter to your customer from your expertise.

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